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Location: Shizuoka, Japan
Constructed area:105.17sqm
Structural Engineer: Toyoshi Shibamura
Constructor: Daido kogyo
This residential project for a couple who live in forest resort area near the ocean in the Izu peninsula area, Japan. Fitting onto a narrow strip of land, the design is carefully structured. Three internal courtyards govern the interior volume, and provide a sense of openness. Extending through the ceiling, the voids act as light wells that flood the neutral interior spaces with natural light and ventilation. A long window on the east side of the dwelling provides a parallel view of the ocean in the distance, while breaking up the longitudinal form, framing and optimizing views of the lush garden and surrounding scenery.
三浦慎也アトリエ 一級建築士事務所  ATELIER SHINYA MIURA